let's do something different

I want to help you learn how to deal with being sober AND human; helping folks in recovery, STAY in recovery

Have you made significant changes in your life but find yourself stuck in old patterns? Are you in recovery from drugs or alcohol or disordered eating, but still find yourself struggling in other ways? My Name is Kelle Kirk and I help folks in recovery STAY in recovery.

Many of us have found out that cutting out the drinking or drugging or changing our relationship to food or our bodies did not "fix" everything; in some ways, maybe we found things to be more intense or complicated in this new landscape. You have come so far and made such progress, let's work on the being human and helping you learn to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

My name is Kelle Kasner, licensed Marriage Family Therapist in California and Minnesota.
I provide therapy for folks who are in recovery from their substance use, process addictions and/or disordered eating. 

let's do something different

therapy with me...

I aim to create a brave space where people can feel less alone in their struggles, talk about all their dynamic layers, and feel supported in finding their true voice and humanness.

what are you recovering from?

Support for all stages of recovery from unhealthy substance use; From early sobriety to long term recovery. Learn More...

unhealthy substance use

Support for folks who identify as having disordered eating, who have unhealthy body image issues, or issues with food or weight or fatness. Learn More...

disordered eating

Life is complicated and layered and often laced with trauma, the big ‘T’ traumas and the little ‘t’ traumas, I support folks to find recovery from all the complexities and traumas we face. Learn More...

trauma or SOMETHING ELSE...

a little about me...

I found my way into recovery from substances and disordered eating by finding a recovery path that worked for me; I had to do something different. With therapy, 12-Steps, Refuge Recovery, trauma treatment, social justice work and more, I built MY dream team that has transformed my life and empowered me to become an agent of change. 

I want to help others transform their lives in recovery from substances and/or disordered eating by being part of your team. By supporting folks to find their true voice and humanness; letting go of what holds us back and building self love.
I provide Online Therapy for people in recovery. I want to help you learn how to deal with being sober AND human; helping folks in recovery, STAY in recovery. 

I am a white, fat, cisgender, neurodivergent woman. I am mama, a partner, a daughter, sister, friend and therapist.  I am a person in recovery from disordered eating, and substance abuse. 

My hope to destigmatize mental health, demystify therapy, and advocate for equal ethical access to services for all people. My ongoing dedication to racial, social and environmental justice is a thread that weaves through every avenue of my life--including my therapeutic approach and style. 

let's do something different

from a  client...

"When my mind feels like a jumbled Rubik's Cube and I'm just spinning or stuck, I can pass it to Kelle, and with a subtle shift or two she hands it back and I can keep moving forward in a clearer direction. Kelle is very easy to talk with and go deep with, offering unique insights, practical guidance, and a balanced blend of strength and support. Simply put, Kelle gets it!"